How wonderful it is to have your own home abroad, next to the sea, palm trees and the warm sun! But it is very risky to buy real estate on your own in an unfamiliar country, without knowing about local customs and laws.

By contacting our company, you will make the entire process of purchasing a property a lot easier, avoiding unnecessary stress and unpleasant surprises. You just need to decide what you want - a luxury villa or a modest apartment. The rest will be done for you by professionals, taking into account all your wishes and saving your precious time. We know everything about the Dominican Republic, so we will select that piece of paradise that will appeal to you.

We give our clients confidence and reliability. Our representatives are always available to you. You won't have to think about air tickets, complicated negotiations, because we will take care of everything. And you just have to get the documents at the end and choose a cute keychain for the keys to the villa of your dreams!


The scheme for acquiring a property is as follows:


  1. Choosing the right option.

  2. Reservation (booking) of a property with an advance payment and drawing up a preliminary contract, which proves the seriousness of the buyer's intentions.

  3. Checking the legal purity of the property (at this stage you can contact the agency).

  4. Drawing up and signing a sales contract.

  5. Transferring money to the seller's account, after which you become the owner of square meters abroad.

  6. Registration of ownership and payment of taxes & fees, obtaining documents confirming ownership.

It is also important to know a few things when acquiring housing in the Dominican Republic as a foreign citizens. Some "pitfalls" that can lead to additional costs:

  1. Legal services (from 1000 US dollars depending on the complexity of the transaction).

  2. Property transfer tax (depends on the market value of the property, established during the state appraisal process).

  3. Annual property tax for individuals (property more than 6,752,200 pesos is subject to taxes).