Real Estate for rent in Dominican Republic

You can rent real estate in the Dominican Republic in several ways:


  1. Through the sites of Airnbnb, Booking (more suitable for short-term rentals);

  2. Independently through friends;
  3. Through a real estate agency

We recommend the 3rd option. It is more reliable and absolutely not costly for the tenant, since REALTOR'S SERVICES IN THE DOMINICAN COMPANY ARE PAID BY THE OWNER OF THE HOUSING. FOR THE TENANT IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!!

0000253784_4Mz7NwXDWhat to keep in mind when renting an apartment in Punta Cana, Bavaro:

  1. A deposit is almost always required, usually one or two of the monthly rent.

  2. A contract is drawn up in duplicate, which it is advisable to have it certified by a notary.

  3. Usually the tenant only pays for the electricity and gas, sometimes water. The rest of the utility bills are paid by the owner


Tips for the Tenant:

  1. Thoroughly check the condition of the apartment, take pictures of everything, even the smallest defects (scratches on furniture, the condition of plumbing, etc.) and record it in writing in the contract.

  2. Discuss the details of payment in advance - who will pay the utility bills, water, maintenance of air conditioners and equipment. How these payments will be made, at whose expense and how long will the repair be carried out in the event of a breakdown.

  3. Get record of the electricity meter data so you don't pay for previous tenants.

  4. Be sure to check for termites! It's almost impossible to get rid of them!

  5. COOPERATE ONLY WITH VERIFIED AGENCIES! There are often cases of deception, non-return of the deposit and other troubles.


We have been working in Punta Cana for over 10 years and with pleasure we will help you choose the ideal real estate option!